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Commonwealth Games

Melbourne 2006​ - Pairs

Commonwealth Games

Gold Coast 2018​ - Triples & Fours

Commonwealth Games

Birmingham 2022​ - Triples

Barrie Lester is a four-time Commonwealth Games medal winning Australian lawn bowler, with over 250 appearances for the green & gold!


Making his international debut in 2006, Barrie has proudly represented Australia across three Commonwealth Games, winning bronze at the 2006 Melbourne Games, two silver medals at the 2018 Gold Coast Games, and another silver at the 2022 Birmingham Games. In recognition of his outstanding achievements, and incredible passion and contribution towards the sport, Barrie was awarded with an Australian Sports Medal.


Located in Queensland, Barrie has shared his knowledge and passion as co-host on The Bowls Show & FoxSports, and as commentator for SEN's Radio Without Bias, whilst making appearances on ABC Sports breakfast, Channel 7 commercials, and as guest analyst on Fox Sports in Studio NSW for the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games. He is also the host of of his new show, Barefoot With BLEST!


Away from bowls, Barrie has spent considerable time and effort raising money for breast cancer awareness, Bowel Cancer Australia, Bowls Australia Disaster Relief, and is a close ambassador for Sport Environmental Alliance.



Barrie was a boy from the bush, growing up in a small town with a population of 700 people. Although, despite having limited access to certain resources, that didn’t stop him from dreaming BIG dreams!!

Walking away from other passions at 18 years of age, Barrie dedicated his life to Lawn Bowls with an underlying goal to represent Australia at the Commonwealth Games.

In 2003, Barrie’s life and sporting career was deeply affected with the sudden passing of his mother, leaving his support network and career ambitions decimated. However, after 6-months questioning future pathway, Barrie’s passion for bowls was rekindled, and he moved to Melbourne to pursue his dream. Three years later, Barrie walked onto the Melbourne Cricket Ground in front of the Queen and 100,000 people at the 2006 Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony, where he would go on to win the Bronze medal in honour of his mother and brother Travis!

This was the beginning of Barrie’s 252 game career for the Australian Jackaroo’s, a journey entailing all the highs and lows that sport can throw at an individual. Experiences the difficulties of finding a job to support his sporting career, battling homelessness, and fighting the battles that come with mourning the loss of his biggest supporter and inspiration, Barrie undertook a journey of hardship, failure, redemption, and celebration that made every reward and medal that bit extra sweeter.

For Barrie, it has never been about the colour of the medal, the prize money or the title to his name. He has always found the greatest joy in the journey; knowing where he came from and striving to become the best version of himself.

Barrie’s message is that self-belief, loving what you do, and supporting others on your journey will always be the driving forces that get you to your destination. His journey has been filled with challenge, but it’s the stories of travelling the world, competing at Commonwealth Games and World Championships, standing on stage in front of millions, and being honoured as recipient of the Commonwealth Games Federation Flag, that he hopes will inspire others to take on life’s challenges, whatever they may be.

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